What is your opinion on Monsanto?

the biology of belief

As the “Spontaneous Evolution” book emphasizes, the history of human civilization is a fractal pattern that resembles earlier versions of evolution. Humanity is an animal and as such, has expressed the evolutionary character of transforming from a fish phase, into an amphibian phase, followed by a reptile phase, bird phase and lastly, a mammal phase. The book describes human civilization’s Industrial Age as the Age of Reptiles, Small business are like little reptiles and large corporations (Monsanto) are the equivalent of dinosaurs. The bird phase of human evolution took humans to the moon. When the people on Earth saw the astronaut’s picture of Earth suspended in dark space in 1969, it seeded the latest evolution of Humanity, the mammal phase. Mammals are nurturors. To nurture means to “take care of.” When the hippies in 1969 started to say, “take care of the water, take care of the air, take care…

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